RUMOR: The Next CLOVERFIELD Movie Could Be Headed For Netflix

What the hell is going on with GOD PARTICLE?

Earlier this month, word came down that Julius Onah's God Particle (actually the next Cloverfield movie, possibly retitled Cloverfield Station) would be arriving a little later than expected: the highly-anticipated film was originally scheduled to arrive in February, but would now be arriving in April.

"Oh, well," we figured. "Nothing to worry about. They probably just want a little more time to roll out whatever wildly-convoluted viral marketing campaign they have planned. And besides, 10 Cloverfield Lane arrived under strange circumstances, as well, and look how that movie turned out."

Today, however, there's a new development: according to Deadline, Netflix may be negotiating to acquire "nearly all rights" to God Particle, with the intention of releasing it on their streaming service even sooner than Paramount planned to have it in theaters.

Deadline emphasizes that this isn't confirmed yet - they're categorizing it as a "strong rumor" that's "building steam". They also point out that this wouldn't be the first time Netflix and Paramount have partnered up: the two recently struck a deal that'll have Paramount's Annihilation available to stream just 17 days after it hits theaters. 

What does this mean for God Particle? What kind of play is Paramount making here? There's nothing further to go on at this time, unfortunately (you are, of course, welcome to speculate in the comments below) but we suspect we'll be hearing something official in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as they roll in, and keep hope alive - we're hoping that God Particle (or Cloverfield Station, or whatever it ends up being called) kicks ass.