SUPERGIRL 3.11 Review “Fort Rozz”

"Enemy of my enemy" and all that.

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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AZA336XB12 is the perfect place to escape, where you're simply in need from the world of man or if Themyscira’s gotten too darn ugly for you. It even has the scenic Fort Rozz floating right next to it! There’s just one teeny, tiny little issue with the star, but you only need to worry about that if you’re a Kryptonian and want to use the superpowers you get from the yellow sun. Kara may do all sorts of things without her powers on Earth, but Earth isn’t filled with the galaxy’s worst (who just so happened to have been imprisoned by her mother). Turns out waltzing into Fort Rozz with the symbol of the House of El on your chest isn’t doctor-recommended.

That means that before Kara can head to Fort Rozz to confront the Priestess with all the intel on Reign, she’s got to assemble a team. For those keeping score, Alex is still broken and the rest of the team are all dudes. Imra’s still dutifully ready to help with whatever Supergirl needs, but concerns remain that Saturn Girl won’t be enough to get the job done. As such, Kara finds herself scraping the bottom of the barrel for help.

Jindah Kal Rozz still resides in her namesake prison with the other survivors of AZA336XB12’s rays. She’s the very Priestess who gave Thomas Coville both his teachings and the twisted information on Rao, and she’s just as friendly as you’d expect someone who’s been trapped in the Alcatraz of space for a very long time. Jindah has a wealth of knowledge, and apparently rotting in a floating prison makes you loose-lipped. The Priestess spills the beans on the other world killers, and seems more than willing to keep going with all of her cryptic facts, but Reign shows up to end the party.

Plot twist: though their power set is similar, and kryptonite still sucks a little bit, Reign does not get her powers from Earth’s yellow sun. There will be more on that later on in the season when they start to explore Reign’s creation, but for now let's just say that it spells trouble for the powerless Kara. It also means that after a ton of mostly meaningless exposition, “Fort Rozz” finally gets to its point.

For those who don’t recall Psi’s powerset, the gist is that she gets in your head and absolutely ruins your day. She’s able to blast Reign (after Reign blasts Livewire, who sacrifices herself for Kara), which ends up being just enough to show Supergirl that there’s good somewhere inside her new nemesis. No one’s realized that good is literally trapped there yet, but hey, it’s early. Knowing that she’s lost control, Reign retreats, and Supergirl and Psi are left with a dying Livewire while Imra works to ensure they can get home.

This episode felt like it was built for someone like me, whose favorite superhero moments tends to be a) when the hero finds the good in people and b) when ladies support ladies. Unfortunately, there was lots of lead-in, but very little payoff. That said, Livewire sacrificing herself to save Supergirl was a surprisingly lovely moment. “Fort Rozz” is sprinkled with those nice moments, from Mon-El learning how to give advice in the time he was gone to Kara requesting a nicer cell for Psi after she helped the team. Alex even got a good storyline post-Maggie while getting to chill with Ruby and take on bullies.

Hopefully, you had more fun with this episode than I did. As always, if you have thoughts shout ‘em out in the comments.