This HALLOWEEN, Laurie Strode Is Packin’

Jamie Lee Curtis is gonna be a regular Shapeshooter.

The above header image is from 1981’s Halloween II. That movie? It’s gone now. Halloweens 4, 5, and 6 (aka The One With Paul Rudd)? Gone. Halloween: H20 and Halloween: Resurrection? Dunzo.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s Halloween is, to hear them tell it, picking up from where the first movie left off. (I mean, plus 40 years, one imagines.) Taking a comic book/Texas Chainsaw sequel approach, their film will be a “requel” (#requel) that ignores the bits of canon for which it has no use, and latches onto the parts it does.


Adherence to continuity can be fun hoop-jumping, but it’s too often creatively stifling. Go full Elseworlds on this franchise for all I care! Let these men follow their bliss.

So while they’re abandoning the 1981 film’s narrative (no more “secret sibling”?), they’re keeping one element: Laurie Strode will, in all likelihood, shoot someone in this movie.



While we’re mining social media for content, I gotta admit I’m equal parts baffled and intrigued by the casting of original boogeyman Nick Castle as the Shape. But SERIOUS BONUS POINTS to McBride and Green for correctly calling him The Shape, and not “Michael Myers.” Ugh, I hate when they use pure evil’s Christian name.

Very nice.

Green and McBride’s Halloween requel (#requel) opens on October 19th.