Buckle Up: This HURRICANE HEIST Trailer Is Looking To Wash You Away

Rob Cohen wants to give you an Alabama Slammer.

It's tough to know exactly where to begin with a movie like Hurricane Heist, which looks so obnoxiously stupid and awesome that you can pretty much guarantee that the BMD Team will be hosting at least one drunken screening party, where we chug rum and try to make it through the entirety without either vomiting on each other or defecating in our own pants (both due to excitement and booze). 

However, we must first sell you on a ticket to said liquor and piss-stained soirée, and what better way than to just show you the trailer for this undeniable slice of silliness, which comes complete with some of the greatest Southern "ackscents" I've ever heard in a mainstream movie. 

Check it out: 

Directed by Rob Cohen (of OG Fast and the Furious fame), Hurricane Heist is undoubtedly going to be a hot topic amongst the crew here. Dare I say it, you might even need to "buckle up" for #HurricaneHeistWeek. 

This Category 5 shitstorm hits theaters March 9th.