Check Out The Trailer For TRAILER PARK PRINCESS, The Latest From Emily DiPrimio

The young filmmaker is ready with her next feature.

So a loooong time ago, back in 2013, we aimed support toward then-13-year-old Emily DePrimio and her Kickstarter to fund her first feature film, Carver. The Kickstarter was successful and the film got made.

Since then she’s made some notable shorts and now returns with a new feature, Trailer Park Princess, the trailer for which you can see below:

And a synopsis:

Trailer Park Princess is the story of Claire, a young woman thrust too early into adulthood, and her 12-year-old sister Audrey. Both of them struggle to survive the hardships of life growing up in poverty with only each other to depend on. When a chance to escape appears in a gun-smoke filled trailer, both sisters are quick to take off on an adventure seeking a new life. They soon find that escaping their past is much harder than they thought. After all, everyone is running from something.

We’re always here to wish Emily luck on her filmmaking endeavors. Plus it gives BMD our very own version of the Up series. If you’d like to learn more about Trailer Park Princess, go here.