First Trailer For Ted Geoghegan’s MOHAWK Looks Very Intense

Bonus: Stomeroni Starck lives.

As you know, we're big fans of We Are Still Here around these parts. Director Ted Geoghegan's 2015 "Fulci as fuck" haunted house horror spoke to a number of our interests (rotting corpses, sinister basements, houses with tragic histories, Barbara Crampton), and we've been waiting on a follow-up ever since. 

That follow-up, a historical thriller by the name of Mohawk, debuted at last year's Fantasia Film Festival, where BMD's former Editor-In-Chief Meredith Borders called it "an uncommon and ambitious film". Today, we're thrilled to finally reveal the trailer for said film.

Take it away, Mohawk trailer:

Yup, that looks pretty intense. Let's go to the official plot synopsis for a breakdown:

"After one of her tribe sets an American camp ablaze, a young Mohawk warrior finds herself pursued by a contingent of military renegades set on revenge. Fleeing deep into the woods they call home, Oak and Calvin, along with their British companion Joshua, must now fight back against the bloodthirsty Colonel Holt and his soldiers - using every resource both real and supernatural that the winding forest can offer."

But, wait, there's more! In addition to Mohawk's first trailer, we've also got this first poster: 

Look, whenever the historical genre gets to rubbing shoulders with the action-thriller genre, we're onboard, and we're very excited to see Mohawk for ourselves. Good news is, we won't have to wait much longer: Dark Sky Films is putting this one in select theaters and VOD on March 2nd.

Stay tuned for more on this one between now and then, and feel free to spend the interim singing We Are Still Here's praises in the comments below.