Listen To Michael Mann & Ridley Scott Discuss ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD

Two big budget tech geniuses chat about post production tinkering.

One of the biggest cinema stories of last year was Ridley Scott replacing Kevin Spacey (following the actor's alleged sexual misconduct) with Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World, resulting in emergency reshoots and post production alterations that not only changed the film's texture entirely, but resulted in Plummer being nominated for an Academy Award for his last minute turn as billionaire J.P. Getty. 

Now, you can listen to Ridley discuss the process (in rather astounding technical detail) with none other than Michael Mann, whose own post production tinkering is the stuff of legend (for the latest bits of proof, see the re-jiggered cuts of Blackhat and Ali).

The discussion is essential for anyone truly interested in the art of filmmaking, as these are two masters talking about how to approach the re-cutting of motion pictures on the grandest scale. Speaking as a tech nerd, it's a total dream, and at just over thirty minutes, you've got a quick, informative weekend listen on your hands.