Sam Raimi To Direct THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLE For Lin-Manuel Miranda

The HAMILTON mastermind's YA adaptation gets itself a former SPIDER-MAN.

Not too long ago, we brought you the news that Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda was working on a big screen adaptation of Pat Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicle. As we said then:

"The Kingkiller Chronicle is a collaborative franchise between Showtime and Lionsgate that includes a television series and a major feature film (along with an interactive game) all being developed simultaneously. The film script is being written by Lindsey Beer (Transformers: The Last Knight), and will be based on The Name of the Wind. Miranda and Rothfuss will be hands on regarding the development of new characters and storylines for the TV show."

Now, the film portion of this epic endeavor could be helmed by the legendary Sam Raimi (The Evil DeadSpider-Man). No deal has been signed as of yet, as Raimi is weighing this option against a potential movie centered around the Bermuda Triangle (titled, you guessed it, Bermuda Triangle). Though if he does end up directing this rather epic story, it'll be fun to watch him bring his wild camera movements to a fantastical realm (and hope the results are slightly better than Oz: The Great and Powerful). 

Miranda is executive producing the entire shebang, but is primarily writing the movie's accompanying Showtime series (which will feature all new storylines he helps come up with). This is a grand cross-medium venture, so having a name like Raimi on the film would be incredibly exciting, and sell horror nerds like myself on a ticket. No release date has been targeted at this time, but we'll fill you in when more news comes to light.