Fessenden Unbound: Horror Maverick To Direct Frankenstein-Inspired DEPRAVED

The indie God is getting back behind the camera for the first time in four years.

To be frank, modern indie horror as we know it wouldn't exist - both literally and figuratively - if it weren't for Larry Fessenden. The scare cinema maverick started churning out his unnerving tales of madness, loneliness and survival during the '90s, with idiosyncratic works such as Habit ('95). In the modern landscape, Fessenden's helped usher in a whole new wave of horror talent as a producer with his Glass Eye Pix (for the latest example, see Robert Mockler's Like Me, which Fessenden all but steals as a melancholy motel owner). 

Now, Fessenden is set to get back behind the camera with Depraved, a Frankenstein-inspired tale that revolves around: 

"A field surgeon who suffers from PTSD after combat in the Middle East, and creates a living human out of body parts in his Gowanus, Brooklyn lab."

So, basically it's Fessenden's Frankenhooker, but probably way more serious, and featuring fewer naked breasts, depraved sex acts, and super crack. Also, this isn't the first time Fessenden has focused on lab-based horror, as his '91 film No Telling found a man dealing with the aftermath of his animal experimentation. 

Depraved begins production in New York this February, and will be co-produced by fellow lo-fi stalwart Joe Swanberg, under his new Forager Films banner. It stars David Call, Joshua Leonard, and Alex Breaux (Bushwick) as the man-made monster. No release date has been set as of yet, but here's hoping he wraps production quickly so we can see it by next SXSW.