Hate Superman But Love Cities? METROPOLIS Is For You!

From some GOTHAM folks. Of course.

So I sort of understand the idea behind making a show like Krypton. A Superman story without Superman isn’t so egregious if it takes place on an alien world filled possibly interesting Superman-type elements.

But this… this I don’t understand. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming DC Digital Service is going to kick things off with a 13-episode live-action show called Metropolis. What’s the angle, you ask? Well, Metropolis is a show about a city called Metropolis. It has tall buildings and a newspaper. Superman will later live there. Not now, though! Now, it’s just a place where Lois Lane and Lex Luthor go on wacky adventures together.

Smallville is beloved. Gotham has its fans. People might like Krypton. So maybe I’m just being a grump. Maybe their Lex and Louis (and goofball versions of famous Superman villains) will be charming enough to justify the show’s existence. Or maybe they’ll get desperate and just dump Superman in there anyway. But for right now, this feels like a recipe for boredom and frustrated gratification. If the show's a hit, however, maybe Hollywood will finally say yes to my series about tourism woes in Killy Hawk long before the Wright Brothers showed up.

No one’s been cast for the show yet, but it will be written by Gotham’s John Stephens and Danny Cannon will direct. The show is expected to arrive 2019.