Welcome To Haddonfield: Here’s Your First Look At The New/Old Laurie Strode

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride welcome Jamie Lee Curtis' most iconic character back into the traumatic fold.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween has begun principal photography in Charleston, South Carolina. How do we know this? Because Instagram told us so.

The first snap comes from Jamie Lee Curtis - posing with the director and the slate from John Carpenter's immortal Halloween - in full Retired Laurie Strode regalia:

There's not a lot to this one, but seeing Curtis donning all that denim - like a proper child of the '70s - sends a chill down this fan's spine. Nice little piece of trivia (from our own Phil Nobile Jr.): Curtis actually collects the slates from every Halloween installment she's been in, from the original to Resurrection, which is how she's able to pose with it and Green on the very first shot of Halloween: H40 (or whatever it ends up being called). 

The more intriguing photo comes from Blumhouse's own Twitter account, who shared this:

Now, there are a couple ways to look at the inclusion of the Haddonfield Hospital logo. The first (and probably correct) way*: this is simply the art direction version of casting Nick Castle as Michael Myers, a sign to fans that the individuals behind this new sequel are just as in love with the Halloween universe as you are, right down to trying to replicate the logo from the main setting of Halloween II.

However - and this is my wild, admittedly baseless speculation - including a logo from Halloween II when the creatives behind H40 have said that their movie ignores all the previous pictures save for Carpenter's original might point toward how this movie exists in an "alternative reality" of the universe we're so familiar with. This is a fancy means of saying just because there was no massacre in this new timeline of Halloween movies, doesn't mean we won't be seeing landmarks we're already familiar with.

Futhermore, there's nothing stating this isn't taken from the side of the ambulance which carts Michael's body away after Dr. Loomis shot him off that balcony forty years ago (possibly shown in flashback), signaling how they've altered the end of Carpenter's classic (a change the writers have also hinted at in the past).

Either way, we'll find out when Green and McBride's Halloween hits theaters October 19th, 2018. 

*Again, from Phil.