Jenny Slate Breaks Her Ethical Code And Gets It On In AARDVARK

Don't lie, you'd toss all morals out the window for Sexy Jon Hamm, too.

Aardvark looks like a strange one.

The feature debut of Brian Shoaf (who's directed some TV and shorts before this), the film follows a therapist (Jenny Slate) who takes on an obviously disturbed patient (Zachary Quinto) who keeps talking about his odd relationship with his brother. Only, when big bro turns out to look like Jon Hamm, Slate has an ethics crisis on her hands, as the two fall into one another's arms while trying to figure out what to do with the other sibling. 

Take a gander at the trailer: 

Shoaf's film played to somewhat mixed reviews at Tribeca last year, yet this spot has an unnerving (but still sexy) quality about it. Granted, there may be some problematic road traversed in regards to mental health issues and power dynamics, but the talent involved is too great to deny Aardvark at least one viewing. 

Aardvark opens in limited release April 13th.