Kevin Feige: No Discussions Yet About Bringing The X-MEN Into The MCU

If a crossover's happening, sounds like it'll be a while.

As soon as we learned that Disney was in the process of buying out 20th Century Fox, fans started speculating as to what the merger could mean for the superhero genre: might we finally see a Fantastic Four movie done right? How about the X-Men - might they appear in an MCU movie? OK, well, then how about just Wolverine? There are, of course, broader and far more serious implications to the a Disney/Fox merger, but these were the questions that dominated Fanboy World.

You know who's not asking those questions? Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. 

In a new interview with Vulture, Feige claims that zero crossover discussions have taken place. In fact, he says he found out about the Fox/Disney merger the same way we did: by reading about it in the trades:

“I read about it in the press like most people did ... These are big deals, and certainly above my pay grade.”

Huh. Okay. Well, how about now? What's going on now?

“The truth of the matter as I understand it is the deal has to be figured out. There’s been no communication. We’re not thinking about it. We’re focusing on everything we’ve already announced. If and when the deal actually happens, we’ll start to think more about it. Until then, we have a lot to do.”

Vulture correctly points out that Feige once had Captain America: Civil War's writers create two possible scripts for that film - one that would include Spider-Man, one that wouldn't - long before Marvel knew whether or not Sony (who owns our friendly, neighborhood, on-screen Spider-Man) would be willing to work together. With that in mind, is he really sure there have been no discussions about folding Fox's superhero roster into the MCU?

“It would be years away. We’ve announced everything through 2019, so none of those would be adjusted.

“I think about it through 2019, through the movies we’ve already shot or are about to start filming. I’m hoping to deliver on everything we’ve promised thus far.” 

Doesn't seem like Feige's playing coy here, does it? No, this sounds like we're going to be waiting a while before we see Wolverine (or Dr. Doom, or Deadpool, or etc.) pop up in a Marvel movie, and that's assuming the Disney/Fox merger actually goes through. 

What do you folks think? Taking Feige at his word, or do you think they've already got a Wolverine & The Hulk script waiting in the wings for when Phase Five rolls around? Sound off with your most speculative speculation in the comments below.