Let ALTERED CARBON & Neil deGrasse Tyson Give You A Brief History On Immortality

An informative featurette on the science of staying alive forever.

In case you missed it, we're pretty hyped about Netflix's upcoming cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, and can't wait for you guys to check it out when it hits Netflix this Friday (at which time Andrew and I will be teaming up for a pair of in-depth reviews).

Until then, the streaming giant would like to give potential viewers a crash course on the science of immortality, a topic that dominates Altered Carbon. This might be essential viewing for some, as much of the dialogue and plot points in the show act as if we already exist in the same world as its numerous noir anti-heroes, speaking their language about "stacks" and "sleeves". It can frankly get somewhat confusing every now and again. 

Titled The History of Immortality (and narrated by none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson), this featurette includes cameos from the likes of musician Steve Aoki and author Richard Morgan - who penned the novel that the series is based on. It's a quick, fun little watch that should bring you up to speed on the story's mix of spirituality and hard sci-fi. 

Take a look: 

It's neat to see Netflix - who's been slammed in the past for not adequately advertising their upcoming features and series - really roll out the red carpet for Altered Carbon, which is as rich and weird as anything they've produced. It's also nerdy as hell, so the streaming provider is probably realizing they're gonna have to rope some folks in who are usually on the fence about cyberpunk.

Altered Carbon hits Netflix this Friday, February 2nd.