THE FLASH 4.12 Review “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”

Why are you still thinking about bulbasaurs?!

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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Barry Allen and Kara Danvers’ hope is their greatest asset, but sometimes their earnestness can be their downfall. They both have a (mostly) unflappable belief that everything is going to work out not just for them, but for everyone around them. Because of that earnestness, Barry is hellbent on getting David P. Ratchett – better known as Big Sir – to believe that he and the rest of Team Flash are going to clear his name and get him out of Iron Heights.

And with the directive from their incarcerated leader, that’s what Team Flash gets to work on. They hit just a couple snags in the process. The first is that Cecile is inexplicably psychic now, and the second is that they’ve somehow run into the very man who got Big Sir wrongfully imprisoned in the first place. Oh, and he just so happens to be one of the Metas from the bus that the team accidentally gave powers to when they got Barry out of the Speedforce.

The issue there is that Harry knows all of this somehow ties back to DeVoe, he’s just not smart enough to figure out the play. Harry Wells isn’t used to feeling stupid, so all of this leads to a crisis of confidence that ends up getting worse after several incidents throughout the episode. The Flash has never been great at dealing with its own stakes, but for some reason I was on board with the comedy that somehow revolved around Ralph and Cisco being in danger of exploding.

While Harry has his crisis of confidence, Joe and Cecile are off to marriage counseling. Turns out that being able to read your significant other’s every thought can be damaging to a relationship. Surprisingly, it’s Joe having the issue, not Cecile. He doesn’t like being vulnerable with her, so she shares all of her vulnerable thoughts with him. One of those thoughts is that she doesn’t like Grandma Esther’s noodles, and frankly I don’t know if they’re going to make it, you guys.

After Team Flash fails to get a confession out of the man who actually committed the murder Big Sir is in Iron Heights for, Barry breaks the news to his new friend. Though he was reluctant to believe in the idea in the first place, Big Sir thanks Barry and heads off back to his cell. There was never any chance Barry Allen was going to leave things there, though.

Credit where credit is due: The Flash has gone out of its way to show Barry checking for security cameras every time he uses his powers. Unfortunately, when the Warden told him that there were nothing but monsters in Iron Heights, he was referring to himself as well. Barry races Big Sir to the remote village in China they had talked about with nothing but a note and the clothes on his back. There are some logistical questions there, but Barry’s got bigger problems; the Warden installed a new camera after he found out he was trying to get Big Sir’s name cleared, and he knows Barry’s The Flash. That’s a big ol’ problem in and of itself, but it’s not Barry’s only issue. The Warden is the one who’s been supplying Amunet with her Metas, and The Flash is next on the list.

“Honey I Shrunk Team Flash” is one of those episodes where the team gets a win, but doesn’t really win at all. Everyone’s still stumped on what DeVoe is planning and Barry’s royally screwed. Meanwhile, there’s been no real story progression with the primary villain while Barry’s been stuck in Iron Heights. In a way that makes sense, but it also brings up the question of how long they can extend these little side stories before folks get bored to tears.

If you had thoughts on this week’s episode, like, you know, how Big Sir is going to survive in a foreign country with nothing to his name but his clothes and a slip of paper, you know what to do! Next week we have the fallout of Amunet trying to purchase The Flash to deal with.