Report Suggests Roman Polanski Will Play A Key Role In Tarantino’s Next Film

Well, this doesn't feel like a mine field at all.

As you know, the screenplay for Quentin Tarantino's next film (as-yet-untitled, but we're rolling with #9 until we hear otherwise) is under tight lock and key. Only a few dozen people have read this script, if that, which means that everything we've learned about Tarantino's next has arrived in drips and drizzles. 

Today, another piece of the puzzle seems to have fallen into place:

Yes, according to Variety's Justin Kroll (who, it's worth noting, is a source worth listening to), Tarantino's next will feature Roman Polanski in "a key role". The detail about Cruise and Pitt jockeying for the stuntman role - basically the sidekick to the TV star character being played by Leonardo DiCaprio - lines up with other rumblings we've heard about the project, but that Polanski thing ... that's new. 

With each newly-leaked detail, #9 seems to come into greater focus. Based on everything we've heard and read, it sounds like DiCaprio will be playing a slightly burnt-out TV star looking to break into the movie industry with his long-term stuntman/partner, and the whole thing will be set against the backdrop of the Sharon Tate murders. As for Polanski, well, we can think of half a dozen different ways he might factor into such a narrative, especially if DiCaprio's living just next door.

Polanski's inclusion is just the latest eyebrow-raising development surrounding #9. When the project was initially announced, some took issue with a film that might sensationalize the Tate murders, and shortly thereafter there was a mild hubbub about the film being released on the 50th anniversary of those murders. Bringing in Roman Polanski - who is, as you surely know, as controversial a figure as Hollywood's ever seen - will likely raise a few more eyebrows.

Meanwhile, we're fascinated and dying to learn more. Stay tuned for a steady drip of updates.

(Note: Header photo used with permission via Flickr, photographer unnamed)