REPORT: First Trailer For SOLO Will Probably Drop During The Super Bowl

We asked the question, and it looks like Disney might've given an answer.

A few days ago, we wondered aloud where in the heck bubbles the first trailer for Solo was. Well, looks like we may have found an answer. 

THR is reporting that the first glimpse of footage from the Ron Howard stand-alone Star Wars picture will more than likely premiere this Sunday, during the Super Bowl. The trade states that the marketing is “likely” to kick off during the NFL's craziest night, but there has yet to be a confirmation from either Lucasfilm or Disney. While the Mouse House has never debuted a Star Wars spot during the big game, it would make a whole lot of sense, as they're guaranteed to gain more eyeballs in one night than slapping the promo in front of even their next biggest tent pole release. 

The next question would be how long this first spot actually is, as a full-length trailer is probably out of the question (given how expensive air time is during the Super Bowl). The safe bet would probably be on a 60 second spot instead of a 30 second one, as airing less than a minute of footage seems like a waste of time (but then again, we're talking about a movie that's been completely reshot, so who knows how Disney actually feels about it at this point). 

What's also still up in the air is whether or not Disney is going to stick to Solo's original planned release date of May, or push it back to December (as is the rumor). Again, the tell-tale sign will be if there's a date attached to the end of the teaser we'll more than likely see on Sunday. Solo's had a bumpy ride on its way to theaters, but the picture's definitely coming down the home stretch now. 

Stay tuned for more as this situation develops. In the meantime, speculate away in the comments below.

UPDATE: Looks like it's headed for Monday (but psssst: don't be surprised if you see a teaser during the Big Game).