The First SOLO: A STAR WARS Trailer Arrives On Monday Morning, Allegedly

That's AFTER the Super Bowl, for those playing along at home.

For weeks now, we've been hearing conflicting reports about what's going on with Solo: A Star Wars Story. We've heard the release date's getting changed, that the release date wasn't getting changed; that the film's first trailer would be attached to Black Panther, that, no, actually, the film's first trailer would run during the Super Bowl, that it wouldn't air during the Super Bowl ... you name it, and we've probably heard it. In no way has this been an ongoing annoyance!

But here's the good news - we may finally have this thing sorted out.

According to our reliable friends over at Trailer Track, Solo's first trailer will arrive this coming Monday, during an appearance being organized on Good Morning, America. They've got a pretty good reason for thinking so...

"After a very long wait, we finally have more or less official information on the arrival of the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ticketing service 1iota revealed in their listing for Monday’s Good Morning America taping that the trailer will premiere during the broadcast..."

The following accompanies their report:

This would seem to put the matter to bed once and for all: Solo's trailer is incoming, it'll be here soon, and it won't be during the Super Bowl (side note: if we get one of those teaser-for-a-trailer things during the Super Bowl, this writer would not be surprised).

We'll be back with more on Solo: A Star Wars Story as it becomes available. As far as you know, the film is still on track to hit theaters on May 25th.