This CASTLE ROCK Teaser Gives Stephen King Fans A LOT To Chew On

Everyone get their pause buttons ready.

We’re still not 100% sure what to expect from Hulu and Bad Robot’s Castle Rock, a show that will apparently make something new out of the shared universe Stephen King has spent a career creating. But this new trailer for the show certainly gives us some idea:

That thing is dripping with King callbacks. I’ll leave their discovery to you, but I definitely had to watch it a few times just to stop being distracted by attempts to suss out the significance of each new shot. Exhausting!

Another distraction is the incredible cast assembled here. Obviously, I mean that in a positive way. This is a remarkable group of actors, many of whom are sort of King easter eggs in and of themselves. Good or bad, this show is going to provide a very curious event for summer television and I am here for it. What do you all think?