Trailer For MIDNIGHTERS Thinks It Can Get Away With Murder

But we all know it's not that easy.

Midnighters is the type of movie we don't get a whole lot of anymore: a sturdy black hearted thriller with a shaky noirish moral center. Directed by Julius Ramsay (The Walking Dead) and written by his brother Alston Ramsay, the tight little chiller is centered around a couple (Alex Essoe and Dylan McTee) who strike and kill a man on their way home from a New Year's Eve party. But instead of simply going to the authorities, the husband and wife decide to get rid of the body themselves, which only leads to a bigger pile of dead people, and cops sniffing around their New England doorstep. 

IFC Midnight just released a trailer, and while it's a little generically cut, the spot still hints at all the Hitchcockian treats the Ramsay Brothers have in store. 

Take a look: 

After Starry Eyes, I was willing to give anything featuring Alex Essoe a try, and wasn't disappointed by her performance here at all (as she gets progressively more wicked as the picture goes along). Expect a full review closer to release, as it's totally one you should check out on a rainy Friday night. 

Midnighters hits theaters and VOD March 2, 2018.