We’re Giving Away Five Copies Of Daniel Danger’s Amazing WINCHESTER Poster

Leave a comment, maybe win a spooky thing for your wall. It's just that simple.

We're excited to see CBS Films' Winchester when it hits theaters tomorrow (we have, in fact, been chomping at the bit for this one ever since Meredith went and toured the actual Winchester Mystery House last Halloween). A sprawling, insanely-designed mansion? A possible spirit infestation? The great Helen Mirren? This movie couldn't be more up our alley if it tried. We will be there.

And while we're waiting on tomorrow to roll around, we're thrilled to be giving away five (yes, five) copies of an amazing Winchester screenprint. Produced by the folks at CBS Films and gorgeously rendered by one-time BMD contributor Daniel Danger, this thing absolutely deserves a place on your wall.

Let's take a look:

Pretty outstanding, right? What a perfect marriage between subject matter and artist (if the Winchester crew contacted anyone other than Daniel Danger to produce their spooky-house screenprint, we'd have been exceptionally disappointed). 

Here, check out some close-ups:

So, how do you win? It's easy:

  • Be living in the continental United States.
  • Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite haunted house movie is.
  • Wait for 12PM on this coming Sunday (the 11th). If you've been randomly selected, I'll respond to your comment telling you you've won.
  • If you win, you'll be directed to email BMD with your address, for shipping purposes.

Aaaand that's it! 

Winchester hits theaters tomorrow. This Winchester poster could be hitting your wall (courtesy the folks at CBS Films) sometime shortly thereafter. Good luck to those entering! You'll hear from me on Sunday if you've won.