Tell Fat Dave: GONE BABY GONE Gets Pilot Order At Fox

The moment Kenzie/Gennaro fans have been waiting for.

I've written at length about my love for Gone Baby Gone, but for those who have may have missed that letter of devotion - 

"Dennis Lehane has written six novels featuring Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. Gone Baby Gone was the series’ fourth entry, yet became the first case where the detective duo graced the silver screen. It’s easy to understand why Ben Affleck chose the book as both his feature directorial debut and a filmic entry point for audiences unfamiliar with the characters. Lehane’s setting brought Affleck and his brother Casey, whom he cast as Kenzie, back to their old Boston stomping grounds (from where the author also hails). It allowed him to get into the cracks and crevices of their beloved hometown, navigating the blue-collar double-deckers in a fashion not too unlike how David Simon explored the Baltimore docks in the oft-undervalued second season of The Wire.

But his adaptation of Lehane’s kidnapping mystery also saw Affleck crafting something resembling an origin story for Patrick that has sadly yet to be expanded upon in subsequent films. Only instead of realizing a superpower, the early thirty-something private investigator is forced to form his own moral code – a compass that will guide him for the rest of his life – at the expense of all he holds dear."

Well, it seems Fox may have heard my cries for "more" Kenzie/Gennaro screen adventures, as they've ordered a pilot episode of Gone Baby Gone to be executive produced by author Dennis Lehane and written by Robert Levine (Black Sails). There's no word as of yet if they're going to simply be keeping the title for name recognition, or actually adapting the fourth entry in the series yet again (I really hope it's the former), but this is good news for anyone who loves them some televised mysteries. The Kenzie/Gennaro novels are untapped cinematic wells of neo noir twists, and would work really well stretched out into whole seasons.

So, who should play Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro?  Obviously, Casey Affleck is out of the cards (or maybe he isn't, but should be), though seeing Michelle Monaghan on a weekly basis wouldn't be unwelcome (nor a totally illogical notion). The series is going to live or die based on who slips into the two Dorchester private detectives' shoes, so here's hoping they get it right. With Lehane helping man the controls, something tells me they've got a solid chance of churning out something special here.