Wash That SOLO Teaser Down With These Four Colorful Character Posters

That Lando sheet may have gotten me pregnant behind the middle school.

It's Solo Day everyone! Prepare to discuss nothing but the latest Star Wars spin-off, as we've gone from zero to HOLY SHIT in terms of marketing materials within the last twenty-four hours. 

To go along with the Super Bowl spot and full teaser trailer that dropped, Regal Cinemas delivered the character posters for Ron Howard's spin-off picture, and they're pretty eye-catching. 

To save you a click-through, I blew up each and slapped them below. Here's Yung Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich)...

...and Yung Chewie (Joonas Suotamo)...

..and Emilia Clarke's character, Yung Qi'Ra (who we don't actually know if she's "Yung", but whatever)...

...and finally, Yung Lando (Donald Glover), who is especially, um, stimulating. 

Ron Howard's Solo hits theaters May 25th, come Hell or high water.