Well, This Is One Way To Try And Sell DEATH WISH

Hey, remember that super hit film GRINDHOUSE?

Eli Roth’s remake of Death Wish always felt kind of like someone failed to read the room in a big way. Many of us like the original Death Wish series around these parts, but we also know times have changed and this isn’t the kind of film you probably want to be releasing in 2018.

But if just the mere concept of a Death Wish remake raises eyebrows, wait until you see this new Red Band trailer Roth just shared, which adds a fake Grindhouse sheen and tries to jokingly highlight the gore the film will display:

That’s rough. At this point, I have to assume Roth is courting controversy with this stuff. My only real hope for Death Wish is a now-rare good performance from Bruce Willis. I guess we’ll see when the film comes out March 2.