Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star In Western Mystery Series For Amazon

The biggest movie star ever to make the move to TV?

It was only a matter of time. Arnold Schwarzenegger - once the world's biggest movie star, now bizarrely the president we all wish we had - is set to make the jump not just to television, but to streaming television, as per a Deadline report confirmed by Variety.

Schwarzenegger will executive produce and star in the Amazon series Outrider, according to the report. Co-written by Trey Callaway and Mark Montgomery, it's a Western set in Oklahoma Indian territory in the late 1800s, following a deputy tasked with tracking down a notorious outlaw. Schwarzenegger will play “a ruthless Federal Marshal” assigned to accompany the deputy. According to Deadline, “as the story unfolds, not only will enemies become allies, but a series of unpredictable surprises will blur the line between good guys and bad” - which basically sound like the same thing.

Arnold has, of course, toplined a television show before: he hosted a season of New Celebrity Apprentice after the departure of its original host, whose name I do not recall. Outrider will, however, mark his first “proper” acting role in a series. It sounds more like an "And Arnold Schwarzenegger" situation though, credits-wise.

More on this as it develops - we would never keep you from your Schwarzenegger news.