Duck You Sucka! Michael Jai White’s Next Is OUTLAW JOHNNY BLACK

A faux Blax Western companion piece to BLACK DYNAMITE is coming.

About two weeks ago, Michael Jai White teased the possibility that he was currently working on a sequel to Black Dynamite. At the time, a few folks guessed that - based on the Western themed promo - this new film was going to be the gunslinging installment of a trilogy White had hinted at a while back, which began with Black Dynamite.

Yesterday, White confirmed his next title, admitting some writers out there did some solid sleuthing:

This announcement came complete with another teaser, also available over at his Jaigantic studios:

What is Outlaw Johnny Black? Well, we're not totally certain at this point. But based on previous details White dropped to interviewers years ago, it's a cross between Blazing Saddles and Buck & Preacher. Guess we'll know a bunch more in the coming days, but this is super exciting for anyone who's ever shouted "I threw that shit before I walked in the room!" at a party.  

In the meantime, go check out Accident Man, where White squares off against martial arts phenom Scott Adkins (again). It's a blast.