"Take your passion. And make it happen."

One of the most delightful things about 2016's Deadpool was its pitch-perfect marketing campaign: against all odds, the people charged with advertising Tim Miller's film to the masses totally "got" what Deadpool was all about, and used that snarky tone to their advantage. I don't think it'd be overstating things to say that the original Deadpool's marketing rollout is one of the best we've ever seen.

Encouragingly, it looks like the folks behind Deadpool 2*'s marketing aren't changing a thing.

This, as you can see, is a new poster for the Deadpool sequel, just revealed by Ryan Reynolds over on Twitter. It is, quite obviously, a Flashdance parody, which might seem anachronistic (ed. note - $10 says at least 90% of my Millennial friends have not seen Flashdance), but actually feels right in line with Deadpool's sensibilities. Lest we forget, Deadpool opened with an epic slo-mo sequence set to Juice Newton's "Just Call Me Angel". Flashdance is surely very much within our dude's wheelhouse.

What do you folks think? Digging it as much as we are? Hyped for Deadpool 2*? Are you confused because you're actually looking forward to being marketed to by this movie? If so, same, but feel free to express yourselves in the comments below.

* = Not the actual title.