SUPERGIRL 3.13 Review “Both Sides Now”

It means hope, dammit!

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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With the CW’s new schedule, tonight’s episode of Supergirl acts as another midseason finale of sorts. That means the episode has to do a bit more than just entertain. It has to answer enough questions to give a taste of the resolutions to come, while setting up enough intrigue and excitement to make you want to come back in seven weeks. “Both Sides Now” manages to do most of that.

The team over at the DEO kicks things off with their mission to bring in Purity. She’s a world-killer like Reign, but her power set varies greatly. The team doesn’t meet Purity at first, though; instead they meet Julia. Julia is the human Purity inhabits, and she just wants to sing along to her songs and save her friends from runaway vehicles. You can imagine her surprise when her headphones come off and there’s a small army in her back room. Kara sees the light in the woman and knows that she can be saved, but Alex gets antagonistic, sending Julia into a panic and bringing out Purity.

While Purity’s taken to DEO Headquarters, Lena visits L Corp after a decent hunk of time spent away with CatCo. Sam gets defensive at her presence, immediately sensing that Lena’s there to tell her to take some time off because of her illness, but Luthors can be very persuasive. After some gentle nudging, Sam decides to take the day off with Ruby. Even if you didn’t watch the episode, you know exactly how that turns out. Don’t worry, the twelve year old isn’t left alone for long. Auntie Lena comes to the rescue while Mommy’s off playing Reign.

Reign doesn’t immediately come to Purity’s defense. Instead we spend some time with the Danvers sisters having a power struggle. Kara believes that Julia can be saved, despite Purity insisting that “there isn’t and never will be a Julia Freeman,” but Alex sees only the world killer. Where Kara chooses hope, Alex chooses cynicism, and the two have a less than pleasant chat over Alex’s sudden dark side. That doesn’t stop Alex from returning to interrogate their prisoner. That interrogation doesn’t go well for Alex, but lucky for her the whole debacle gets covered up by Purity’s (inevitable) escape.

What’s this not-midseason-finale missing? Well, some Mon-El drama, of course! Turns out the Daxamite is still in love with Kara. Who among us could have seen that coming? Don’t worry, Emra’s pretty chill about the whole thing. We’ll pretend that her calm over her husband being in love with another woman is because he was honest with her, and not because she isn’t a lying liar face herself. Yeah, sure, we also learn that Mon-El and Emra didn’t really choose to be married and there’s other stuff going on in their relationship, yada, yada, yada. Mon-El’s in love with Kara, Emra and Brainy lied to Mon-El about why they came on the mission they did, and we’re going to spend a whole lot of time on this drama on the remainder of the season while (hopefully) not taking too much time away from the world-killers story.

Predictably, Purity and Reign are together by the end of the episode - unpredictably, because Julia saves Alex’s life. After Kara and Alex’s loud heart-to-heart at the DEO, each sister takes a different approach when meeting with the world-killer the second time. Kara promises she won’t make the mistake of letting Purity go again, while Alex sees a glimpse of Julia attempt to come out and save her sister and lets herself have a little hope. Julia’s time back in control of her body doesn’t last long after she and Reign flee, but everyone makes it out alive for now.

Where will all of that take us when we return? We don’t know, because with this weird-ass schedule the next episode hasn’t been fully shot and edited yet! What we do know is that Lena believes she’s figured out what’s wrong with Sam, Alex’s lack of hope is probably just a one-time thing, and there’s going to be a lot of relationship drama in the back half of the season. It’s a CW show, what can you do?

What do you want to see in the last ten episodes of this arc? If you had other thoughts on the episode, you know what to do!