10X10 Poster Locks You In With Luke Evans

Sounds like a promising wee thriller.

Luke "I Say We Kill The Beast" Evans has been hitting the tentpoles big-time lately, between the Fast & Furious films and Beauty and the Beast, but sometimes it's good to know the weirdo from High-Rise is still inside that ruggedly handsome exterior. Cue 10x10, an indie thriller coming to cinemas shortly.

The film is English director Suzi Ewing's feature directorial debut, working from a script by Noel Clarke (best known to genre fandom for playing Mickey on Doctor Who, but also a successful writer-director in his own right) and starring English actress Kelly Reilly alongside Evans. Here's dat poster:

A solid image, setting up a claustrophobic single-location thriller - just our cup of tea. The story has Evans' character Lewis kidnapping Reilly's Cathy with a motive of revenge, which leads to a tense, character-driven standoff inside the titular padded cell. The power dynamic between the two is sure to shift frequently, as it always does in this sort of thing - we're into it. 

10x10 releases in the US on April 13th.