Apple’s AMAZING STORIES Reboot Loses Two Showrunners In One Day

Another Bryan Fuller bites the dust.

Apple is gearing up to become a serious player in the new world of streaming entertainment production - we'd better accept it. One of the lynchpins of its plan is a glitzy, expensive reboot of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories anthology series, which originally aired in the 1980s. That reboot was set up to operate under Hannibal and American Gods' Bryan Fuller, which all but guaranteed it to be something interesting.

But now, it seems Bryan Fuller has pulled a Bryan Fuller, exiting the series as showrunner, according to Variety. That's the third series Fuller has left within the past year and change, after dropping Star Trek: Discovery in October 2016 and American Gods the following November. Fuller is also involved - for now - in an adaptation of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. On Amazing Stories, he'll likely be replaced by fellow EP and former Bones showrunner Hart Hanson, who has already been running the show on a day-to-day basis for some time.

Scratch that: according to Deadline, Hanson has also stepped down from the show. Deadline's sources cited creative differences for both departures, saying that "neither felt Apple or Amblin shared their mutual vision for the series."


Amazing Stories will likely still make it to digital air, given how much money Apple is throwing at it, but something smells fishy about this situation. It'll be fascinating to see how it all shakes out.