Full JESSICA JONES Season 2 Trailer Teases Emotional Origin Story

Marvel's best TV show returns.

The first season of Netflix's Jessica Jones is the best live-action thing Marvel has done on the small screen. That's a truth pretty universally acknowledged (isn't it?), which means the second season of the show can be anticipated with something greater than trepidation.

Netflix just dropped a full trailer for the new season, offering a look at what our hard-drinkin', hard-fightin', hard-investigatin' heroine is up to this year.

Strong impressions there of a journey into Jessica's past, then, including a retrospective origin story of sorts and deep-dives into her personal relationships. Krysten Ritter gets some good barbed lines of dialogue (although "how rapey of you," while a terrific comeback, is an odd one to put in a trailer), and the whole thing generally smacks of More Jessica Jones, which is not a bad thing. There's also a tease at the return of David Tennant's Killgrave, Marvel's most compelling screen villain (don't @ me, Thanos The Space Guy) who we know is returning this season in some fashion.

Fingers crossed this season - entirely directed by women! - will maintain the quality established in the show's first season. It'd be terrible if Marvel lost its only truly good Netflix show.

Jessica Jones' second season premieres on Netflix on March 8th.