They managed to sneak a couple good moments into this horrible film.

The first Jack Reacher movie deserves to go down as an action classic. Tight, gritty despite a PG-13 rating, muscular and idiosyncratic thanks to its bizarrely condescending protagonist, Jack Reacher was one of the best mainstream action films of its decade.

Its sequel, on the other hand, was garbage. Released October 16, 2016, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back was a crushing disappointment. It failed to offer hardly any of what made the first film so special. In fact, it almost went out of its way to misunderstand the character by giving him a daughter figure to take care of. Its villain, Patrick Heusinger’s The Hunter, was so bland it had us missing the charm of Jai Courtney. Yeah, that Jai Courtney.

But every once in a while, if you squinted, the film did occasionally cough up some Reacher magic. This edition of Say Something Nice is about one of those moments.

Reacher still tries to talk tough in this film, but he's no longer very good at it. He does, however, retort to The Hunter’s claim that he sounds nervous on the phone with this gem: “I’m going to break your arms. I’m going to break your legs. I’m going to break your neck. What you hear is excitement.”

That shit is good enough on its own, but its true elevation comes later, when Jack Reacher actually does everything he promised to the guy (I recommend bumping this to 1:35 or so):

Just like he knew he would, the invincible Jack Reacher manages to make good on this threat, breaking this guy’s arm, leg and neck, one by one. Then he casually throws his body of a building because, you know, he’s Jack Reacher and he wants trash out of his sight pronto.

If only the rest of this movie could have had this violent charm we might have really had something here. Oh well, there’s always the first film. And about 100 books to enjoy.