VENOM Teaser Poster Isn’t Much More Than This Cropped Header Image

It does have a shiny title treatment, though.

Production on the Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy as Venom, the man bitten by the Five Deadly Venoms, has progressed to the point where it seems almost certain that the film will actually be released. That's more than we ever gave it credit for, so we congratulate the production team (or at least, the marketing team) on today's important milestone: the release of a teaser poster.

Posted on the movie's official Twitter account, accompanied simply by the word "Tomorrow," the poster does what it needs to, which is communicate the existence of a Venom movie in such a way that literally only fans will have any idea what the hell the movie is.

Not much to go on, other than the weirdly precise symmetricality of those eye-blotches. But we'll more than likely be getting a trailer tomorrow, it seems, so we'll finally have some idea of what the hell Ruben Fleischer's (Zombieland and er, Gangster Squad) film will look like. How will they balance the villain and antihero sides of the character? Will Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams escape this thing with dignities intact? Will Spider-Man appear to give this movie some semblance of continuity with other films?

Venom releases on October 5th. We're still not sure whether it's a good idea, but we hope to have our minds changed. An R-rated, horror-tinged movie entirely based around a Marvel villain/antihero is some weird-ass ambition. Fingers crossed Fleischer comes in with the follow-through.