Michael Bay Goes Totally Loco, May Direct LOBO

Utter Bayhem.

The DCEU is flailing. Justice League under-performed. Nobody liked Suicide Squad (including Joel Kinnaman, apparently). Todd Phillips might cast Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker. Nobody's heard from Aquaman in months (we suspect it's another oceanic bender). In short, chaos reigns. 

Yet there may still be hope on the horizon in the form of a true superhero. He once shot Bruce Willis into space and laid siege to Alcatraz Island. He let The Rock snort cocaine and rob shit. He told giant robots to go fuck themselves on set. He single-handedly captured the wonderous documentary Pearl Harbor. He wears custom green Nikes with the word "Bayhem" stitched into the sides.

That's right: Michael Bay might come to the DCEU, and bring a Lobo movie along with him. According to THR, Bay has apparently been meeting with screenwriter Jason Fuchs (PanWonder Woman), whose draft for the intergalactic, cigar-chomping bounty hunter could cost upwards of $200 million. This displeases both Bay and Warner Bros., who are relying on Fuchs to fine tune the script to bring that number down, based on notes the legendary Bad Boys II auteur's provided. Then WB would like Bay to direct, which he'll do if he fucking wants to. 

Lobo has been in the works for some time now - with potential directors ranging from Robert Rodriguez to Guy Ritchie - but seeing Bay get behind the camera to unleash his nutty, juvenile, intensely visual tendencies on the property could be utterly amazing. Sure, the finished product will probably skew toward an R-rated Deadpool-esque affair, but that'd be the perfect scenario to receive Maximum Bay in theaters. You currently can't get a whole lot worse in the DCEU (well, you can, I suppose), so why not just bring as much pain as humanly possible? We're here for the #Bayhem, in all its dizzying forms.