You Absolutely Cannot Watch This Exclusive HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT Clip At Work

This clip is exceptionally NSFW. Second warning.

Third And Final Warning: The following Hellraiser: Judgment clip contains nudity, violence, a man in a wooden baby mask, an old man with a typewriter, and ominous music. It absolutely, positively should not be watched at work or near children.

A few weeks ago, the very first trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment popped up online. Reaction to the trailer was, well, let's say divisive: on the one hand, you had me saying "This looks pretty gnarly and I will watch it"; on the other hand, you had many, many other people telling me I was a crazy person. 

Anyway, an email just popped up in our inbox offering an exclusive Hellraiser: Judgment clip, so of course I jumped on that opportunity. The footage itself could be good or bad. Didn't matter. If we're being honest, I just wanted another reason to talk about Hellraiser: Judgment again.

So then I watch the clip.

Now, if you're anything like me, your first thought here was, "Ugh, yet another movie where a gas-masked, leather-clad surgeon-gone-mad skins a dude, sprays fountains of blood on a trio of naked women, puts on a mutant baby costume and then carries the aforementioned skinned body into a home office containing a very old man sitting next to a typewriter?" I'm with you.

My second thought upon watching this footage: I am very firmly sold on whatever the hell Hellraiser: Judgment is. This thing looks absolutely bonkers. Sure, it's entirely possible that this kind of imagery will overstay its welcome within minutes. And yes, there hasn't been a good Hellraiser movie in years. And, okay, fine: it's also possible this is the best minute out of the entire movie, or that the rest of the movie is nothing like this, or whatever alternative you can conjure. Hear me when I say this does not matter: between the trailer and this clip, my ticket to Hellraiser: Judgment is officially booked.

One more time, here's that plot synopsis:

"Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to hunt down a gruesome serial killer who is terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a maze of horror, which may lead them into the depths of hell."

Hellraiser: Judgment arrives on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD on February 13th. Just in time for Valentine's Day.