Oh What The Hell, Michael Fassbender To Star In Full Length KUNG FURY

Just checked the calendar, and it is not April 1st.

It’s rare I wake up in the morning able to predict what wacko news the day will bring. But today was one of those days. Yep, I woke up and could just tell Michael Fassbender was going join a feature length remake of Kung Fury.

To repeat: Michael Fassbender is going to star in a feature length remake of the viral action short Kung Fury, which I’m sure you remember, is basically a thirty-minute long series of “wouldn’t it be cool if” action goofiness with a faux ’80s sheen. If you don’t believe me, the film is also going to feature David Hasselhoff, who appeared in the original short and sang the theme song.

I normally dislike ‘80s worship geekgasm stuff, but I have to admit the original Kung Fury won me over with its constant inventiveness and fun wit. You can check out my review here, or just watch the thing yourself here. I have no idea what a feature length version of this starring Michael Fassbender looks like, especially since I usually find the actor kind of humorless, but I guess I’m going to find out. Unless this is all just an elaborate prank. Which it really might be.