The Shape Keeps Us Updated From The HALLOWEEN Set

Nick Castle won't stop transmitting Michael Myers' every little move.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween is currently in production in Charleston, South Carolina, and we keep getting mini-updates as cameras roll on the movie. Yet nobody seems to be having more fun than the OG Shape himself, Nick Castle, who's been transmitting little snippets of Michael Myers' days stalking, slashing, and also sitting in makeup chairs. 

While it's usually sort of boring when people use Twitter as a means to give us constant reminders of their every step (eating a kale salad, as if you give a shit!), I'll make an exception for the guy who created possibly the most iconic slasher movie villain in history.

Dat ponytail, tho. The man certainly takes pride in the mysterious moniker he's getting to don again. 

Here's a glimpse at those gnarly, murderous hands, stolen blue work slacks, and thudding black boots horror fans know so well.

Not to mention the long, ominous shadows Michael casts as he lurks around Laurie Strode's (Jamie Lee Curtis) neighborhood. 

I do have a question, though: why does a guy who spends almost all his time in a mask have to get his hair did? (oh yeah, the ponytail...)

Nick Castle's The Shape returns to the screen in Halloween October 25, 2018.