Episode Two Of The Kenneth Branagh Mustache Saga Gets A Release Date

In other words, find out when DEATH ON THE NILE comes out.

I was far from a target audience member for Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. I don’t usually love period pieces, I’m cool with not seeing Johnny Depp in movies anymore, and pretty much everyone already knows how the famous mystery resolves.

And yet Murder on the Orient Express was one of the most fun times I had at the theater last year, due largely to Branagh’s hilarious and self-aware (I think?) take on Hercule Poirot. Which is to say, I’m totally sold and so happy the film did well enough to get a sequel.

And now we know when that sequel will arrive. 20th Century Fox did some schedule shuffling today and one bit of info included a November 8, 2019 release date for Death on the Nile. That puts Branagh into direct competition with the next James Bond film. Whatever that ends up being, it’ll probably prove very popular. Instead of lamenting Nile’s chances, I’m just going to sit back and look forward to an incredible weekend at the movies. I can’t wait. Please please please give me more bits of Poirot chuckling at his volume of Dickens.