Tessa Thompson’s Next Finds Her Playing a Real-Life Jewel Thief

We couldn't be more into this if we tried.

According to Variety, Thor: Ragnarok and Creed star Tessa Thompson has just signed on to headline an action-drama based on the life and times of Doris Payne, a jewel thief who kicked off her (very, very successful) criminal career back in the 1950's. 

Variety compares the project to Steven Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can or John McTiernan's The Thomas Crowne Affair, describing Payne's story thusly:

"In her six-decade long career, Payne, who is now 87, would enter jewelry stores posing as a well-to-do woman looking for a diamond ring and ask to see an assortment of items. Using her charm, she would eventually cause the clerk to forget how many pieces were outside the cases and leave with one or two pieces.

Payne’s criminal record dates back to the 1950s. She was arrested many times and has admitted to having used 20 aliases, 10 Social Security numbers, and nine dates of birth."

Oh, yes. Yes, we would very much like to see Tessa Thompson in such a film. The only downside here is we don't have any idea when we might see it, but of course we'll be closely monitoring this situation, and will keep you informed as further updates roll in.

Stay tuned.