The Rich Got It Bad, Too: New Trailer For TRUST Is Bananas

Danny Boyle's take on the Getty kidnapping looks appropriately bizarre.

Thanks to Ridley Scott's All the Money In the World - which seemingly generated more controversy than viewers with Christopher Plummer's replacement of Kevin Spacey as reclusive, icy billionaire J. Paul Getty - a few of us became reaquainted with the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. Only now we have a second take on the material from frequent collaborators Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy, which looks to be a bombastic answer to that movie's muted opulence. 

Where Scott's version of the tale introduced J.P. Getty III as a meek spoiled kid, this second spot for Trust - Boyle and Beaufoy's ten-episode take on the nefarious happenings in Rome, 1973 - gives us a wild child partier in the form of Harris Dickinson (Beach Rats). Instead of Spacey or Plummer playing his filthy rich grandfather, we have Donald Sutherland, who's mugging his way through the proceedings. But best of all is Brendan Fraser, whose take on former CIA man turned go-between for the Getty family (blandly played by Mark Wahlberg in All the Money In the World) is a cowboy-hat sportin', fourth wall-breakin' narrator. Shit is crazy, y'all.

Take a look:

I'm here for the Scarface-style pet tiger. Oh, and the women firing machine guns. Watching Boyle bring his signature "controlled chaos" style of directing home (as he helmed the series pilot) should be a treat. 

Trust premieres on FX March 25th.