Watch The Rock Fight A Giant Albino Ape In The Latest RAMPAGE Trailer

There's a big lizard-wolf lookin' mofo, too.

Look, there are a few things I love in life. I love chicken wings. I love a good whiskey. I love marijuana. And I really love giant monsters fucking shit up without a hint of remorse.

So, I will probably eat some wings, drink some whiskey, and smoke a shit ton of weed before seeing Rampage when it's released. What can I say? I'm a simple man, and I enjoy the simple pleasures, like butter in my ass and lollipops in my mouth. 

This latest trailer for Rampage gives us all the things I would want from a movie where The Rock fights kaiju-type beasts based on a video game, including Rugrat from Wolf of Wall Street and his sidekick.

Check this shit out:

To be honest, my brain tells me "Jacob, this will probably be bad", and I trust my brain. But my heart is saying "Jacob, this movie will fuck, and we will watch it fuck." You gotta go with your heart every time, guys (even if the chicken wings will one day stop it cold). 

Rampage hits theaters April 20th. Even the studio knows those theaters are gonna be lost in a cloud of sweet smoke.