No Rest For The Bald, Beautiful & Deadly: Jason Statham Signs Up To Play THE KILLER’S GAME

No word on whether he punches a shark in this one or not.

Jason Statham is amazing - one of the greatest physical performers of not only this era, but in all of action cinema. 

So, yeah - his movies can get a touch repetitive, plot-wise; as he's constantly playing some sort of professional criminal, assassin or (on the other side of the law) a detective. But for every Choas (a mediocre crime outing), you get a Safe (a strangely experimental action joy), making the gamble on sitting down and watching his work well worth it, odds-wise. Then there are the oddball entries like Redemption (which is still Statham's best role), where the bald, brutal man of violence lets loose this unexpectedly soulful or funny (like in the case of Spy) performance that adds an extra layer to his screen persona. 

This summer, Statham is going to be punching giant prehistoric sharks in the face in Meg, and he's got the Fast & The Furious spin-off project, Deckard & Shaw, in 2019 - which will team him with The Rock and probably sport the highest baby oil budget in motion picture history. In-between, it looks like Statham will be starring in The Killer's Game, which showcases a rather familiar scenario for fans of the former Olympic diving hopeful:

"A veteran assassin takes out a hit on himself after being diagnosed with a painful terminal illness. The catch? It turns out he was misdiagnosed, and now he must fend off the onslaught of fellow assassins out to cash in on the contract."

That could honestly become some full-blown Crank madness, and with DJ Caruso stepping behind the lens for this cheap thrill - after delivering the delightfully bonkers XXX: The Return of Xander Cage last year - there will probably be a pretty high energy level tossed into the proceedings. The project has been bouncing around Hollywood for years (with John Woo and Wesley Snipes almost attaching themselves at certain points), but now looks to be the next vehicle where Statham kicks a bunch of dudes in the face while glistening in a totally not homoerotic fashion. 

No start date has been eyed as of yet, so we're not sure when The Killer's Game is hitting theaters, but we'll definitely keep you up to date along the way, as more Statham is always good for the soul.