The Sickness: Oz Perkins To Helm A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS

The BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER and PRETTY THING writer/director lines up his next personal horror show.

We're big fans of Oz Perkins here at BMD. A good portion of us saw his debut feature - The Blackcoat's Daughter - when it enjoyed its US Premiere at Fantastic Fest in 2015 under its original title February. His follow-up - the ambient ghost story I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives In the House - was a hell of a personal statement regarding how one copes with loss (read our interview with the filmmaker for more here). 

Now, Perkins has lined up A Head Full of Ghosts at Focus Features as his next project - an adaptation of Paul Tremblay's horror novel of the same name. In the book, A Head Full of Ghosts follows:

"An American family under strain when their fourteen-year-old daughter, Marjorie Barrett, exhibits signs of mental illness. Once the born again Catholic patriarch decides to have an exorcism performed on the girl, the clan becomes the subject of a popular reality TV show (called Possession) which tears them apart further." 

Being a guy who's dealt with both celebrity (as the son of Anthony Perkins) and tragedy (his mother, Berry Berenson, died in the attacks on September 11th, after his father succumbed to his battle with AIDS), Perkins seems like he's again mining the material to make extremely personal horror. He's currently rewriting the script - which was drafted by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowsky - and is looking to shoot this year.

Maybe we can see A Head Full of Ghosts at Fantastic Fest 2019? Pretty please?