The New READY PLAYER ONE Trailer Has A Sad, Somber Rendition Of “Pure Imagination”

This WILLY WONKA remake is emo AF.

I'm gonna real for a second.

I've got no more enthusiasm left for Ready Player One. The trailers thus far have admittedly been passable (minus calling Ernie Cline "God's Geeky Angel", or whatever that Comic Con footage did), but there's been a constant ache in my gut regarding marrying Steven Spielberg's more populist sensibilities with Cline's fan-pandering drivel passing as prose. Then the character posters dropped today, revealing a hideous design that would make Robert Rodriguez's kids turn their noses up in disgust. 

Now comes the latest full trailer that, I swear to fucking God, has a slow, bombastically sad cover of "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory used as the backing track. 

I just -- whatever. Look for yourself: 

Is it weird that the whole plot hangs around people taking up "avatars" from popular IP to wage war against a big bad corporation? Feels like WalMart selling arms to rebellious Hot Topic nerds only to have them storm Castle Target. 

Ready Player One hits theaters March 29th.