These READY PLAYER ONE Character Posters Are Colorfully Fugly

This is the weirdest version of THE SIMS MOVIE possible.

I'm gonna need you all to take a look at these Ready Player One character posters and tell me what you honestly think in the comments below. Because I truly cannot believe a major studio looked at these and was like "yes, sell our multi-million dollar tent pole using THAT." 

Here's Tye Sheridan as Wade Watts (a/k/a "Parzival" in the Oasis game universe):

And Olivia Cooke's Samantha Cook (a/k/a "Art3mis"):

Lena Waithe's Helen Harris (a/k/a "Aech"): 

And finally Philip Zhao's Akihide Karatsu (a/k/a "Sho"):

That last one looks like VHS art for a lost Shô Kosugi kids film from the '80s, which I guess feels appropriate. 

Ready Player One hits theaters March 29th. We remain skeptical, despite Spielberg being behind the lens.