Bewitched: Robert Pattinson Joins Robert Eggers’ THE LIGHTHOUSE

Still awaiting confirmation from Black Phillip's camp that he will be co-starring.

At one point, The Witch writer/director Robert Eggers was all set to direct a remake of F.W. Murnau's vampire cinema grandaddy, Nosferatu - going as far as to cast the star from his debut art horror hit, Anya Taylor-Joy.

Well, that must have been put on the backburner, because yesterday Robert Pattinson signed on to a new Eggers movie titled The Lighthouse, which also counts Willem Dafoe as already being cast. The A24 project is described as a fantasy/horror movie (co-written by Robert and Max Eggers) set in a world of old sea-faring myths. What if this turns out to be Eggers' period-set version of The Fog? I would be into something like that.

Apparently, Pattinson was originally approached with a role for Nosferatu, but thought that the part was too small for him. (Diva alert.) Obviously, Eggers must be pretty keen on working with the Good Time star, as he re-arranged his whole schedule in order to do so. Shooting's supposed to start this spring, so it'd be safe to say the writer/director's going to be bringing more horror back to Sundance come next year. 

As for Nosferatu, it'll be interesting to see if that's picked up after The Lighthouse wraps, or if that project fell apart completely. It'd be a shame, as Eggers had been working on it since 2015