The New JESSICA JONES Season Two Trailer Just Landed

The best of Marvel's Netflix shows returns on March 8th.

I didn't bother to take a poll around the BMD offices or anything, but based on past discussions, I'm fairly certain that Jessica Jones was the collective favorite Netflix/MCU series among BMD staff members (it definitely wasn't Iron Fist, I can tell ya that much). Star Krysten Ritter absolutely crushed it in the titular role, David Tennant - as season one's truly loathsome Kilgrave - was one of the best MCU villains, full stop, and Mike Colter's Luke Cage was a breath of fresh air.

Sure, Jessica Jones suffered from the same malady all Netflix/Marvel shows do (hint: make these seasons ten episodes long, not thirteen), but it was the most successful in avoiding that "treading water" feeling that plagued Daredevil and Luke Cage (don't make me mention Iron Fist again, I beg you). 

Anyway, this is a very lengthy and unnecessary introduction to the below: a new trailer for Jessica Jones, season two. The clip just arrived via Netflix, along with the news that the second season will premiere on the streaming service in just a few weeks. March 8th, to be precise.

Let's take a look.

So, that looks pretty good! Tennant's back, Ritter's (obviously) still kicking ass, and the hard, witty edge of Jessica Jones' first season seems to have arrived fully intact. This is good news, made doubly exciting by the reveal that we won't have to wait much longer for it. 

You folks gonna be watching on the 8th or what? Sound off below.