LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 3.11 Review “Here I Go Again”

Mick Rory says "undies".

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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The Groundhog Day trope is one we’ve seen across several shows on the CW Network. Like Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow played the smart game and leaned into humor that’s unique to their weird-ass situations rather than trying to be the original. Legends also moved away from the straight humor and threw some stakes and misdirection into the mix as well, making for what ended up being a pretty interesting episode.

Zari breaks Gideon after running a simulation to find loopholes in time so that she can save her brother. Sara doesn’t take kindly to this, barks at Zari, and thinks that’s going to be the end of it. In her irritation, Zari hastily undoes a part of the ship and ends up getting shot in the mouth with some space-y time goo, but that ends up being the least of her worries. Immediately after replacing the hose, the Waverider goes boom, taking her and the rest of the Legends with it. Since they still, you know, have a show, that’s not where things end.

The explosion kicks off an infinite loop, but Zari is the only one who remembers. Every hour on the hour, the Waverider blows up and the loop resets itself, leaving the newest member of the team to solve the mystery. While stuck in the loop, she learns a whole host of new things about her teammates. Knowing next to nothing about her team, nearly everything is a revelation to Zari, but to avoid things getting too boring for the audience, the writers slip in a few fun anecdotes about certain characters. Mick Rory writing a romance novel? Perfectly wonderful nonsense. Sara sneaking off to have alone time with her not-girlfriend? Adorable. Nate and Amaya still having their on again off again affair? Ridiculous. One way or the other, kindly writers.

“Here I Go Again” really brings on the humor, but by the end it tosses in a gut punch or two. Zari’s run on Legends of Tomorrow has consisted of apathetic eye-rolls and the outsider’s mentality. It’s not unreasonable; her stint on the team was never to be permanent, and she lost her entire family in her timeline. She’s not prone to the warm fuzzies, but after living the same hour infinite times she starts getting a little sentimental.

By her last loop, Zari has given up hope. She can’t find the answers, the fun of “no consequence” actions wears off, and she can’t save her friends. If she’s going to keep dying, this time it will be on her own terms. Thankfully, the musket she picks up doesn’t have a bullet in it and Sara gets a chance to speak up. Despite the two strong-willed women butting heads over and over again, Sara immediately believes Zari’s explanation of the loop and rallies the team.

Because it’s Legends of Tomorrow, everything culminates with Gary in the trash compactor. Mick thinks he has the bomb that blows up the ship, so he smashes the device the Time Bureau’s lacky brought along with him. Unfortunately, that device was what was causing the loop and stopping them all from dying indefinitely. With the device gone, the team has five minutes to find the bomb, and Zari finally has a plan.

After locking herself in the Captain’s office, Zari emotionally addresses her team. She’s going to use her powers and the field surrounding the office to shield her team from the blast. Though they remember none of their interactions with her, she now views the team as her family, and she’s not going to watch another family die. The Legends try to break through the door, but where’s the story there? Bomb goes boom, things go dark… and then Zari finds herself back on the bridge.

Yeah, you remember that space-y, time-travel-y goo she accidentally swallowed in the beginning of the episode? It put her in a weird coma situation, and Gideon downloaded her consciousness once she came back online. Knowing that Zari would be required to ensure the Legends defeat Mallus, Gideon ran a simulation of her own in Zari’s brain, showing her why she couldn’t leave the team.  

The Groundhog Day story was a quick and dirty way to get Zari to lose the chip on her shoulder and bond with the team, but it works. When she finally wakes up, she makes Ray tell Sara what Constantine told him about her whole Mallus situation, asks Nate and Amaya to get their shit together, and encourages Mick to keep writing. “Here I Go Again” doesn’t do much to further the Mallus storyline, but it’s an opportunity for important character development, and finally introduces Wally West into the show.

Now, mind you, it also signals the return of Rip Hunter, but let’s all just take a win where we can get it and be excited for Wally to join the team. Next week we get pirates. If you had thoughts on the episode, you know what to do!