Whatever Jordan Peele’s Next Movie Is, It Starts Shooting This Year

Is it a new social horror movie? Is it a sequel to GET OUT?

Jordan Peele became everyone's new favorite director overnight with Get Out. The former Key & Peele star spent 2016 making an all-timer horror hit, which is now up for multiple Oscars. He's already said he's got four "socially conscious" horror movies in his head, and has even teased a possible sequel to Get Out

Now, Peele's confirmed with the Hollywood Reporter that his next picture - whatever it may be - is set to shoot later this year. One thing's for sure: it's definitely not a sequel to Get Out, even though Peele states that the new movie will be "tonally similar." The Best Director nominee says that he's writing now, and he's "playing around" with the action/horror/thriller genres, but that the end product will "address something different than race." 

So, what do you want Peele's next movie to be? What issue do you think he should tackle? Personally, the idea of a socially-conscious action movie from Peele really gets this writer going, but that's just individual taste talking. 

Jordan Peele's next movie - whatever it is - will be in theaters March 15, 2019. If we could buy tickets now, we would.