The 2018 BMD Alternate Oscars: Writing And Directing

Plus, the winners of the acting categories!

Welcome to the 2018 Birth.Movies.Death Alternate Oscars! This is the second-annual edition of the awards, in which we, the staff of BMD, pick nominees from all the films the Oscars ignored, and you, the readers of BMD, vote on the winners. 2017 was a terrific year for cinema, and the so-called “official” Oscars have honoured a great bunch of films, but this is our chance - and your chance - to spread a little more love around.

Each week leading up to the Oscars, we’ll have a new set of categories and nominees for you to vote on, while revealing the winners from the previous week. This is your opportunity to recognise some of the best Oscar snubs around, so let’s get voting!

Last week’s acting awards saw a resurgence for the lead actors of Twilight, as Robert Pattinson took Best Actor for Good Time and Kristen Stewart won Best Actress for Personal Shopper. And on the supporting side, Patrick Stewart’s final X-Men performance in Logan won Best Supporting Actor, while Holly Hunter’s turn in The Big Sick took Best Supporting Actress in a landslide.

This week’s nominations were particularly hard to put together - there was a ton of great work and we had to make some tough calls. So let’s honour some of the year’s best directors and screenwriters...

Thanks for voting, everyone! Feel free to leave comments below about what you liked, what we left out and what you’d like to see in the upcoming categories. Meanwhile, we’ll be back next week with the winners of the above Alternate Oscars, as well as the final round of nominations!